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"Make music to change the world, not to fit the status quo."

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"Respect The Cool" Art Direction by MoNae Mayweather

I've been getting a lot of great feedback about the artwork for the "Respect The Cool" EP. The art direction, graphic design and photography was done by my creative and media director, MoNae Mayweather (@photosbynae - photosbynae.com). 

She was heavily inspired and influenced by Jean-Michel Basquiat's artwork and decided to incorporate that into "Respect The Cool". From the music to the art, this piece of work is truly a masterpiece!

The idea for "Respect The Cool" as a whole was to bring the people a collage which consisted of many different art forms with music as the forefront. We just want to say thank you for your love and support.

Check out the full art direction of "Respect The Cool" via MoNae Mayweather's Behance page and check out the "Respect The Cool" EP.

New Project - Mic Blaque "Respect The Cool"

MB-RespectTheCool (front).jpg
MB-RespectTheCool (back).jpg

"Respect The Cool" is about Mic Blaque taking the ultimate risk as an artist to bring something new to the world of music and breaking out the box that Hip Hop artists often get placed into. Mic Blaque follows that natural creative instinct without any worries of everyone accepting it.


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