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"Make music to change the world, not to fit the status quo."


BROOKLYN, NEW YORK – October 16, 2015

Blaque Gold is a conceptional musical project based around the idea off knowing your worth and never forgetting where you come from. “Blaque" represents Mic Blaque’s name but also the African people throughout the diaspora & what we have contributed the culture. “Gold”, representing the riches of the culture as well as the idea of remaining solid, standing your ground, never losing value and shining through adversity.

The First single off “Blaque Gold” Is “Be Love”. “Be Love” was inspired by the idea of accepting all your flaws building your foundation to take on whatever comes your way.

In Addition to “Be Love”, other tracks off “Blaque Gold”, will include the title track “Blaque Gold”, “Times We Facing”, “Paradise”, “Yellow Brick Road”, “Late Nights”, “Special”, “Built To Last”, “Dawn”, “Shine”, “Mimosas”, “Connect”, and “Tuskegee”.

“Blaque Gold” is definitely a work of inspiration capturing so many different emotions to paint the perfect picture. (FREE DOWNLOAD)

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK – January 28, 2014

"Respect The Cool" is about Mic Blaque taking the ultimate risk as an artist to bring something new to the world of music and breaking out of the box that Hip Hop artists often get placed into. Mic Blaque follows that natural creative instinct without any worries of everyone accepting it.

The EP has been produced by a variation of different producers such as, DJ Semaj, Blak Mic, JayNotez Beats, EL- S Beats, Coach of D.O.P.E. and A.D. Liles for Grade A Productions.

The first single off "Respect The Cool" is "The Art, The Cool". The single sums up the EP as a whole, from the sound to concept, it gives you a well rounded idea what "Respect The Cool" is about. "The Art, The Cool" overall is full of wordplay and cleaver lyrics to prepare the listeners for the rest of the project.

The second single off "Respect The Cool" is "Inspiration". This single breaks down how sometimes as an up and coming artist, you get so inspired to the point it's hard to get rest when you know there's work to be done. 

In addition to "The Art, The Cool" and "Inspiration", other tracks off "Respect The Cool" will include "Kings", "Oil Painting", "Vehicle Music", "Hotel Sunset", "New York City Part 2", and "Powerless".

"Respect The Cool" is sure to inspire you to follow your heart and never to give up on your dreams. (FREE DOWNLOAD)

The Intermission Front2 .jpg

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK – February 17, 2012

"The Intermission" bridges the gap between the sounds of Hip Hop from the past and the present. The mixtape has been produced entirely by a young producer from Brooklyn by the name of Tone Tremelo. 

The first single off "The Intermission" is "The Return". This single is about taking control of your destiny. The lyrics are full of metaphors with beats that have swag and charisma. 

The second single off "The Intermission" is "Here We Go". This single is about conquering your day to day struggles while being the best at what you do. "Here We Go" begins with a very therapeutic relaxing sound and gradually shifts to an energetic rhythm which keeps the listeners on their toes. 

In addition to "Here We Go" and "The Return", other tracks off "The Intermission" include "Driven", "I Know", "Coasting", "High Life", "Props", "Make Way" and the titled track "The Intermission". 

"The Intermission" will take you back in time to revisit the sounds of Hip Hop in the late 80's, early 90's. It will inspire you to continue to take Hip Hop to the next level. (FREE DOWNLOAD)

The Twilight Zone Cover.jpg

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK – July 7, 2011

"The Twilight Zone" highlights the journey of life and the many changes and challenges that one may encounter. The mixtape includes production from DJ Skillz, JayNotez Beats, Mike Mula, Nostalgic, Ok Drums and Trey Hermingway.

The first single off of "The Twilight Zone" is "Snap Back." This single is a smooth melodic song about snap back hats that were worn in the 80’s and are coming back into style. "Snap Back" is a metaphor for individuals being able to relax and have a good time while still looking good.

The second single off of "The Twilight Zone" is "Let It Breath", which touches on life’s many struggles and sends out a message that no matter how hard one may try things aren’t always meant to be.

In addition to "Snap Back" and "Let It Breath", other tracks off of "The Twilight Zone" include the titled track "The Twilight Zone", "Kick Your Shoes Off", "Stress", "Living That Life (L.T.L)", "Catch Ya Soul", "We Alright", "Motion Picture", "Ride We Role", "Which Way", "Hold Ya Down", "New York City", "Due Time" and "The Cinema".

The "Twilight Zone" will take you on a journey of release, nostalgia and relaxation. It will encourage you to reach for your dreams and break away from any barrier, individual or element that’s been keeping your from reaching your full potential and level of happiness in life. (FREE DOWNLOAD)

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